GCOE Program New Frontier of Education and Research in Wind Engineering Japanese NatHaz
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Purpose of this program

Research base formation

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The President Greeting
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Purpose of this Program
Research Bass Formation
Education Bass Formation


The School of Architecture & Wind Engineering
Global COE program secretariat 1583, Iiyama, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, 243-0297, Japan
TEL & FAX:046-242-9658

Research base formation execution plan

The proposed Center will effectively organize specialists from three fields: wind-resistant design, natural/cross ventilation and wind environment/air pollution. Then, it will holistically carry out the education and research on wind effects on buildings and the urban environment. In the wind-resistant design field, the Center will carry out research on topics such as high mobility wind observation aimed at mitigating typhoon and tornado disasters, GPS wind response monitoring/ networking aimed at ensuring building safety, and rational wind-resistant design utilizing EVO. In the natural/ cross ventilation field, the Center will aim to realize a long-term society with small environmental load. It will research methods for designing natural cross ventilation that efficiently utilizes natural draft energy to reduce consumer ventilation energy. It will also develop a hybrid system for dehumidifying/cooling using natural draft and radiation heat by taking advantage of the meteorological conditions of the Asia-Pacific region. In the wind environment/air pollution field, the Center will research countermeasures to the heat island problem, which is serious in Asian countries. It will also research countermeasures to heat exhaust and air pollution problems for urban areas where the pollution sources are both internal and external.