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Research Facility

APEC Wind Hazard Mitigation Center main
Wind Engineering Information Center
Wind Engineering Research Center
APEC Wind Engineering Network


The School of Architecture & Wind Engineering
Global COE program secretariat 1583, Iiyama, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, 243-0297, Japan
TEL & FAX:046-242-9658

Research Facility

[Project 1]
Small scale wind tunnel
Medium scale boundary layer wind tunnel
Large scale boundary layer wind tunnel
Tornado simulator
Movable Tornado simulator
Multi channel wind pressure measurement system (384 channels)
Dynamic balance for aerodynamic force measurement
Vibrating balance for rocking vibration measurement
Excitation system for vibration test (Shaking table, Vibration control system)
Laser displacement device (3sets)
Hot wire for wind speed measurement (2 channels)
GPS measurement system
Multi channel acceleration measurement system (42 channel)
LDV measurement system
PIV measurement system

[Project 2, Project 3]
Wind tunnel
Thermally stratified wind tunnel
Wind tunnel for flow visualization
Climatic chamber
Hot-wire anemometry
Three-dimensional supersonic anemometry
High response hydrocarbon analyzer
Flow calibrator
Multi-point manometer
Calibrator for hot-wire and cold-wire
High-precision pressure difference manometer
Mass flow meter