GCOE Program New Frontier of Education and Research in Wind Engineering Japanese NatHaz
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Wind Engineering Research Center

APEC Wind Hazard Mitigation Center main
Wind Engineering Information Center
Wind Engineering Research Center
APEC Wind Engineering Network


The School of Architecture & Wind Engineering
Global COE program secretariat
Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugishi Iiyama 1583

The APEC countries strong wind building safety control center and a wind engineering information technology room are installed in a wind engineering research center, and the talented-people educational activities which specialized in wind engineering, and international information dispatch are developed.

  • Teaching-materials creation about window IFEKUTO to a city and a building, and creation of IT use contents
  • Implementation of the research OJT for producing a large number of the excellent students about wind engineering into society
  • Cultivation of the engineer and researcher of the APEC countries, and the development move of the strong wind disaster prevention technology which suited the conditions of a country
  • Member-of-society course promotion for promoting the education to a member of society and returning the information about wind engineering to society
  • International joint research for raising the talented people who promote international talented-people exchange and can exercise international leadership, sponsorship of an international seminar